• Roraima is the highest tepui – table-top mountain in the world.

• The mountain is located at a triple border point between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana

• Mount Roraima is probably one of the most ancient rock formations in the world.

• The plants and animals living on the summit of Roraima are endemic to the mountain.

• A large portion of the plants found here are carnivorous



• First European expedition to the summit of Roraima was organized in 1884 by Everard F. im Thurn. He was accompanied by Harry Innis Perkins and several locals. Today tourists are reaching the summit by the same mountain trail, used by Thurn.

• Roraima was used as a prototype for the mountains in Pixart’s movie “Up”. The plane landed on the mountain and the Paradise falls portrayed in the film was inspired by Angel Falls, the largest waterfall in the world found nearby

• Any expedition to Mount Roraima takes at least three days as the jungle is dense.

• Because of the constant rain at the top, there are waterfalls popping up all over the place

• The earliest reports of Roraima inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write “The Lost World” in 1912.