The mysterious and majestic view of the mountain is attracting adventurers from all over the world.
Coordinates of the mountain are 5°08′36″N 60°45′45″W.

The main hiking path to the summit of Roraima is located on Venezuelan side. The starting point for the hikers is the small Venezuelan town Santa Elena, located close to the border with Brazil.

Roraima is part of the Canaima National Park, the most visited national park in Venezuela. Its ascent is permitted only with a guide. Self-climbing is not only illegal, but also very risky. The guides are mainly Spanish speakers, but English speaking guides can also be found. Traditional tours to the summit and back take 6-7 days and only cover the south-western part of the plateau.



The trail to Mount Roraima begins in a local small Indian village. On the first day you pass about 20 km along the mountain steppes (after heavy rain, the road can be difficult for inexperienced travelers).

Sunscreen, repellent midges and comfortable shoes are the most important equipment for the road.

Although food, tents and other equipment are carried by local carriers, you will have to carry your own backpack. Make sure to be in good physical condition because the road to the top of Roraima is often flat and slippery. Moreover, the road is lying through jungles, which creates additional difficulties for hikers.

The tours from Santa Elena to the summit of Roraima and back will cost you around 500 USD.